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Window Privacy Film Products


We have been installing window film in residential properties since 2005, utilising more than 300 films available to us through 3 major manufacturers. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific film to tackle an issue you are experiencing and it is not listed below, then please give us a call as we’re sure to be able to assist.


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Frosted Window Privacy Film


Looking for total privacy day and night even with a light switched on?
Then our fantastic frosted films are the perfect solution.

Frosted window film

Preventing views in and out, this film is ideal for windows where views out aren’t necessary, yet natural light into the room is paramount.

Giving a great finish to the glass, our frosted film is regularly applied to bathroom windows where inferior standard frosted glass still allows views in, terraced houses close to paths subject to passers-by looking in and windows overlooked by neighbouring properties.

Suitable for any glazing where 24hr privacy is crucial, we have installed this film to patio doors, garage doors, bathrooms, home offices, kitchen windows, internal doors and bedrooms.

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Reflective Silver Mirror Window Film


For perfect views out in the day, yet providing total privacy, our silver mirror films are a serious consideration

Reflective Silver window privacy film

Similar to our neutral privacy films preventing views in, these films are far more effective at giving total privacy from those pressing up against the glass and provide added security too. Although not always ideal for residential properties due to the commercial look and feel to the glass, our silver films are the most effective at reducing excessive heat and glare keeping rooms cooler and reducing the need for curtains or blinds to be closed on hot, sunny days. Giving a mirrored appearance from outside, our films can enhance patio and French doors, reflecting the garden off the glass to make it appear larger and providing a focal point.

Garage doors, patio and French doors, bedrooms and garden outbuildings have all been coated with our silver films in the past.

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Clear Anti-Fade Window Film

Although all 300 window films available to us contain an Ultraviolet inhibitor against fading, our specialist optically clear UV films can help protect your fabrics, furnishings, carpets and wooden flooring from fading from the sun yet without the tint. Fully installed to your glass, damaging UV rays from the sun (the biggest contributor to fading), can be blocked by 99.9%, which in some cases can double the lifespan of furnishings and prevent expensive replacements. Although not as effective against heat and glare rejection as our solar films, our clear anti-fade films provide maximum light and protect against fading, preventing the need for unnecessary throws and covers on expensive furniture.

Patio and French doors and bedrooms have all been coated with our anti-fade films in the past.


Fabric and furnishings fading?

Clear Anti Fade window film
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Safety Window Films

Dated or vulnerable internal or external glazing within your home can be protected with our safety films applied to the glass. Our films can help protect you, your children and family against serious injury in the event of a trip or fall by forming a barrier and holding the glass together, preventing glass shards from penetrating other furnishings and protecting the area until replaced.

External windows or doors, internal doors and even antique cabinets can all be protected with our films that upgrade glass and make the area safe.

Are your modern double glazed windows not kite marked and causing delays with planning regulations? We have all the necessary glazing meters to test your glass to indicate the glass type, thickness, construction, air gap width and whether it has Low E Coatings applied and to which pane.

We offer site visits to test vulnerable glazing and to provide extensive glass reports that can be supplied to Building regulation officers and speed up planning applications, removing the need for expensive glass replacement.


Building regulations querying your existing glass and its manufacture?
We can install our films to older glass to upgrade it to British and European standards without the cost and inconvenience of replacing the glass or frames.

Safety window film
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Other Window Films Available

  • Coloured Films
  • Opaque White Films that give a panelling effect to door bottom glass, ideal to hide post on front or rear porches
  • Security films to strengthen glass. This is not always suitable for residential properties as a heavy duty silicone is required on all 4 edges of each pane to be installed correctly and can look unsightly
  • Decorative Frosted Films
  • Bronze Films
  • Combined Safety/Solar Films. Safety films available in neutral, silver or frosted form

Our range varies so if you require something that isn’t listed then please give us a call as we’d love to help if we can.

Our extensive range of other services offered can be found on our main website
These include Car window tinting, Commercial window films, Conservatory window films & Car Headlight film.