Is your conservatory overlooked by

neighbouring properties?


Feel like you’re in a gold fish bowl?


Blinds permanently closed in an effort

to prevent furniture fade?


Let us install our Solar Window Film to

your conservatory side glass and

enjoy the difference

Install our Solar Window Film to your conservatory side glass


We see it all the time – blinds closed in the middle of the day, preventing those inside from looking out into the garden in an effort to get a little bit of privacy.

Conservatory solar window film installed to the side glass your conservatory will transform it from a glass box into something beautiful.  With increased privacy, improved heat and glare rejection and the all-important Ultraviolet rejection that causes fading, the benefits are endless.

Experience The Benefits of Our Conservatory Window Film

Improved visual privacy, preventing those outside from seeing in

Protects your valuables when you’re away by preventing views inside

Safety. Should the glass break, it prevents glass shards from penetrating furnishings

Rejects excessive heat by as much as 52% making your conservatory cooler and more useable

  • 52% 52%

Glare is reduced by as much as 73% reducing eye strain and squinting

  • 73% 73%

Ultraviolet that causes fading is reduced by 99%, doubling the lifespan of internal furnishings without the need for throws or costly replacements

  • 99% 99%

With so many benefits, our specialist window films are a must


With great benefits and a 10 year installation and manufacturer’s warranty, our specialist window films will allow you to use your conservatory to its full potential when you decide, not the sun.

Celebrating over 17 years in business and with over 1000 conservatory solar film installations to our name, you can feel assured that we can assist you with the highest quality installation and service. We’re not a big organisation but a small family-based business whose main importance is making sure you, the customer, is completely satisfied, as shown by the numerous testimonials found on our testimonial page.

You can contact us via telephone or email, or if you know the measurements of your conservatory, fill out our online quotation form, and we will get back to you with a quote normally within 24 hours of your enquiry.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you


PLEASE NOTE: Like all window films, their one-way properties are ineffective at night, if you have your room lights on.
As most home owners have their curtains closed at night, this isn’t an issue, but we feel it’s important to make you aware of this.