Common questions we’re asked about conservatory film.

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Q. Are you still working through the National Lockdown?
Q. What precautions do you have in place during lockdown to reassure me that everything is done correctly?
  • As a company we need to act in such a way that we can protect you, the installer, other customers and our families from the risk of catching Coronavirus and we hope you understand and will assist us. Installers will wear a mask throughout the duration whilst sanitising hands and surfaces regularly throughout the install. Social distancing will be maintained at all times and installers will refuse drinks to comply with governments advice. Our company vehicle is fully equipped with toilet and handwashing facilities therefore we do not need to use your facilities whilst on site, something we believe no other window film company can offer. With Hotels closed, our company vehicle is fully equipped with beds, shower, toilet and overnight facilities which allows us to carry out installs anywhere in the country.

Q. Do you have a showroom where I can see some of your products?
  • Yes. We’d be more than happy to show you our products and discuss your requirements at our showroom in Loughborough. Please make an appointment before you visit us, so we can ensure we’re around to see you.
Q. Do you install the film on the inside or the outside of the glass?
  • We install the film to the inside of the glass rather than the outside as this then entitles you to the maximum 10 year installation & manufacturer’s warranty. External films are available but come with a 7 year warranty as weather conditions will affect the film over time. To prevent water ingress the film will require external silicone to seal it to the frame and glass to the manufacturer’s specification. This all adds to the cost, hence an internal film is more cost effective.
Q. Will the film you install to my conservatory make the room dark?
  • No. Unlike alternative roof shading methods like false ceilings and tiled roofs that companies offer to stop heat and glare, we specialise in installing only the very best window films available to your conservatory, allowing natural light into the room while protecting you and the contents from the sun far more effectively. By having our films installed allows extra light into adjoining rooms such as Living rooms, Kitchens and Dining rooms.
Q. Do I need any special chemicals to clean the film?
  • No. All that’s required is an occasional gentle clean with a soapy solution and kitchen towelling. A standard garden hand sprayer mixed 1 part baby shampoo to 100 parts water will clean the film to a high standard without leaving smears, protecting the film and preventing eye injury when cleaning the panels overhead
Q. I have a specialised glass installed to the roof of my conservatory. Can you install window film on this?
  • Yes, this is something we have done on a number of installations to conservatory roof glass and will not cause any problems. We have found that our window films are more effective than this specialised glass alone and will reject the heat and glare dramatically, allowing you to use the room on the hottest of days.
Q. Will I be able to see out through the window film installed to my glass conservatory roof, both day and night?
  • Yes. Although there are a number of single ply reflective window films available for conservatory roofs, with our vast experience we recommend the installation of a specialised 2 ply film. Reflective on the outer layer rejects the excessive heat and glare, whilst the inner layer is non-reflective, allowing you to look up and out through the glass both day and night (depending on internal lighting used) with minimal reflectance.
Q. Will we have to clean the glass prior to the film installation?
  • No. We will clean and prepare the glass and window frames on the day of the installation, to ensure they are spotless prior to the film being applied. All we ask is that the installation area is free from ornaments or furnishings, so easy access can be gained by our installers
Q. Do you need me to move all the furniture out of the conservatory ready for you to install the film?
  • We understand that heavy furniture can be awkward to move and therefore we will do all this for you. All that we ask is that small items be removed prior to us arriving so that our installers can then move the larger items for you. Once the installation is complete, we will return all of the large furniture back as it was and to your satisfaction prior to leaving
Q. I live the other side of the country. Would your installers come out this far?
  • With offices in Loughborough, we cover the majority of the UK offering high quality conservatory solar window film installations. In most cases we can assist, but this can depend on where you are in the UK. Please contact us by clicking here to discuss your requirements.

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