Struggling to use your conservatory on the hottest of days?


More of a greenhouse than a useable room you can sit and relax in?

The Problem With Glass Conservatory Roofs

With the sun being at its highest point in the summer months, your conservatory roof is the main point of entry for excessive heat and glare that stops you using it time and time again.

  • Expensive specialist glass doesn’t work
  • Expensive blinds allow heat build-up & do nothing but hoard dust and insects
  • Tiled roofs are costly and make adjoining rooms dark, as does internal cladding

Your glass roof should be a feature of your conservatory, allowing perfect views up and out at the sky, with plenty of light in adjoining rooms.

Fully bonded to the inside of your glass, our amazing window films totally transform your conservatory from a glass box to something beautiful you can use all year round.
Giving a slight blue tint to the glass, the benefits of our films over alternative treatments are endless.

Experience The Benefits of Our Conservatory Window Film

Allows perfect views up and out through the glass

Adjoining rooms can still benefit from natural light coming in through the roof

Safety. Should the glass break, it prevents glass shards from penetrating furnishings

Rejects excessive heat by as much as 86% allowing you to use the conservatory when you decide and not the sun

  • 86% 86%

Glare is reduced by as much as 90% preventing eye strain and squinting

  • 90% 90%

Ultraviolet that causes fading is reduced by 99%, doubling the lifespan of internal furnishings without the need for throws or costly replacements

  • 99% 99%

With so many benefits, and at less than half the cost of blinds, our specialist window films are a must


Alternative to conservatory blinds


Fully installed, with over 10 years installation and manufacturer’s warranty, our films have proven time and time again that they work far more effectively than alternative treatments.

Let’s face it, how many of us want to be balancing on ladders cleaning our conservatory roofs?

So if you want a maintenance-free product that enhances your conservatory roof, giving it a fresh new appeal and then give us a call.

Don’t take our word for it – testimonials from our many happy customers can be found here.

As experts in the field of conservatory window films and with over 1000 completed installs to our name, why choose anything or anybody else?

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